Tendou Nabiki [天道 なびき] (heretocollect) wrote,
Tendou Nabiki [天道 なびき]

002. RL with Dead Master;; backdated to last weekend

[The weekend was just starting and everyone was fired up for the game; the Lions had been winning on and off all season. Everyone expected a victory to even out the score, set them up to advance to the next round. Personally, Nabiki hoped they lost.

No sense of school spirit? You're kidding, right? Everyone bet they'd win, she's make so much more when it happened the other way. Inside information said the ace had a cold; prediction: loss, was as good as gold.]

Mm~ Right. [Nabiki rolled over onto her other side, tossing her magazine under the dining room table. Waiting was so boring. She should be in a sea of red and white making sure her bet collectors were doing their jobs, not waiting at home because daddy had to ~talk~ to her. What kind of name was Dead Master, anyway?

Shouldn't she here by now?]
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