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Character: Tendou Nabiki
Fandom: Ranma ½
History: Nabiki is the middle daughter of Tendou Soun and his deceased wife. She has an older sister, Kasumi, whom she is close to, and a younger sister, Akane, who she teases mercilessly. She’s nineteen and has just started her second year of college. She gets the best grades in all her classes-- it helps that she knows the professors so well; maybe too well, in fact. Nabiki has continued her betting ring on campus, taking lots on ballgames. She runs it from the shadows, though; it would be too much work, otherwise.

The year is 1991, and on a rainy afternoon Soun announces that he has engaged one of his three daughters to the son of his best friend. Kasumi reactions in disappointment, Akane in outright anger, and Nabiki puts on her best kimono. All that matters to this teenage girl is whether he is cute or not and how much money she can squeeze out of him. In place of a man and his son, a panda and a young woman enter the scene. Is this young lady really Ranma? Nabiki promptly gropes her just to be sure. Yup, it is.

Too bad, so sad, time to change into comfortable clothes.

It is explained that Ranma-kun is cursed to turn into Ranma-chan when splashed with cold water, and as half man, still applicable as a fiancé. Nabiki isn't interested, though, and shoves the engagement on to her younger sister. Through the ensue mass of love interests and rivals, Nabiki has made a tidy profit, extorting where she can’t get them to outright hand over cash. Any time a chance for trouble comes around (i.e. a threat to her person) she redirects it with her cunning, mostly at other people. Nabiki’s one true love is, and always will be, the big yen.

Personality: Nabiki is a laidback young woman who loves money and hates to work; her goal in life is to marry a rich man and never have to do anything for herself again. She’s one of the smartest people in the series, but is help back by a petty nature. Most of her strategies are childish or easy to see through if you aren’t looking at them blind (which most cast members are). She could do so much, but doesn’t have the will for it. Quick to think on her feet, if a plan isn’t going well she will immediate switch to Plan B on the fly. Mostly, that means cutting her losses and running away.

Nabiki is always calm, always calculating. She loves sleeping in and hates waking up in the morning. She is sarcastic at her best and whinny at her worst. She loves having fun, whether it’s at the expense of other people or not. It’s their fault for falling for her tricks, anyway. Her attitude is completely self-centered; what she wants, she’s going to get through any means necessary.

Her hobby is extortion. She takes advantage of every opportunity, especially the ones she orchestrates herself. Nabiki is skilled in manipulation and can get people to do things if she really wants to. It’s amusing to her; she considers life to be a game: when she tricks someone, she wins. And she so hates to lose. She is also an insanely curious person; it doesn’t feel right unless she knows everything that is going on.

On a social level, Nabiki is playful and rarely serious. She is overdramatic, at times, and has questionable morals at best. If she isn’t trying to manipulate them, she can get along with just about anyone. That is, if they hold her interest. When she’s bored, she’ll move on to something else. They only thing she has an expanded attention for is her schemes.

On a personal level, Nabiki doesn’t care one lick about other people. Nabiki is capable and doesn’t need other people to be happy, just their money. She’s only out for herself and will sell out anyone else to look out of Number One. She is not completely without a heart, however. In several instances, she has expressed concern, in her own meddling way, for her family and friends. If she has also managed to profit from these instances, that is purely coincidental. ;)

Height: 5'5"
Hair: Brown; Short.
Eyes: Brown
Age: 19
Dress Size: 7
Measurements: 36-28-38

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