Tendou Nabiki [天道 なびき] (heretocollect) wrote,
Tendou Nabiki [天道 なびき]

002. RL with Dead Master;; backdated to last weekend

[The weekend was just starting and everyone was fired up for the game; the Lions had been winning on and off all season. Everyone expected a victory to even out the score, set them up to advance to the next round. Personally, Nabiki hoped they lost.

No sense of school spirit? You're kidding, right? Everyone bet they'd win, she's make so much more when it happened the other way. Inside information said the ace had a cold; prediction: loss, was as good as gold.]

Mm~ Right. [Nabiki rolled over onto her other side, tossing her magazine under the dining room table. Waiting was so boring. She should be in a sea of red and white making sure her bet collectors were doing their jobs, not waiting at home because daddy had to ~talk~ to her. What kind of name was Dead Master, anyway?

Shouldn't she here by now?]
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September 9 2011, 21:57:10 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  September 9 2011, 21:57:34 UTC

[Such a quiet place, this town seemed. Not in the deathly silently way the Otherworld was, but in a homely, secure way. It seemed strange for one so bold as Nabiki to live. Perhaps it was not always like this. Prussia had worldhopped her this place without any incident, and now Dead Master was at the door. She raises a hand to knock twice on the door and waits. She cannot remember the last time she had to ask permission to enter a building.]


September 12 2011, 19:18:07 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  September 12 2011, 19:18:16 UTC

[Nabiki would have let sis get it if she were here, but she wasn't, and with nothing better to do, the girl got up and trecked all the way to the front hall.

She hadn't dressed up for this; it was a girl, what was the point? Shorts and a t-shirt were way too comfy to change out. Opening the door to find a girl dolled up in a dress might be enough for some people to second guess, but instead Nabiki leaned her hip and shoulder against the doorframe and looked her over. Man, this kid was pale.]

Hi. Dead Master, right?
Mm. [She nods. What was Nabiki staring at?]
Right. [How talkative.] Give me a minute. [Barefoot is not the way to go. Nabiki goes back inside, slips on her shoes, and comes out while closing the door behind her.]

Let's go. Ever been on a train?
[She considers the question thoughtfully. Her 'Otherself', Yomi, has been on trains. So by extension, Dead Master supposes she has been on trains as well.]

Is the station

[Nabiki starts away from the house. There aren't sidewalks but byways between here and the station. No one in the area had a car.] Maybe ten minutes at most. The ride's a little longer, but the game doesn't start for a while. We're the Lions.
[Dead Master follows a pace or two behind.] The Lions...
What are their colors?
[Glances back.] Red and white.
[She thinks of a lion, trying to associate red and white to it. Nothing comes up, except for...]
Blood and bones.

When they eat.


September 13 2011, 03:01:51 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  September 13 2011, 03:02:08 UTC

[How morbid can you get?] Maybe. They're the school colors too.
Mm. [Still walking.] Then your school is
like a jungle.
[Nabiki opens her mouth to contradict her, but wait a minute: boys strutting around trying to show off, girls giggling and talking in those cutesy high pitched voices, late night studying and lectures timed to make you rise with the sun. Struggle everywhere. Yeah, it kind of was.] Not as green as you'd think.
I did mean
a red and white
[Metaphorical. With lots and lots of fighting, she guesses. Because she knows from Yomi that social relationships can be that way.]
More like a sea. [Nabiki chuckles, thinking about the crowd of red and white jerseys that were on their way to see. Everyday but game day was so boring, and even then it got tiring after a while. Too many people, she couldn't keep track of them all.]
He he he. [She's looking forward to it.]
[And there's the train station. Hope you have money or something, Dead Master, because Nabiki's just heading inside.]
[Noo. She doesn't have money. Are there gates or guards at this station? She doesn't care. She simply follows Nabiki like there's no problem.]
[That's all well and good until they reach the barriers. Nabiki drops her coins in the slot and walks on ahead, clearly expecting the girl to follow.]
[She simply hops over them. Silly machines can't get in the way to see a baseball game!]
[The crowd murmurs but no one says anything outright. Nabiki just keeps on walking toward the platform, coming to a stop under the sign for platform 2. If you listen close, you can hear the rumbling of an approaching train.] Should be here soon.
[The train approaches in a blur, halts, opens it's doors in a woosh. Fast forward through seating and four stops: Dead Master and Nabiki exit the next station into a crowd of red and white. Everyone is wearing it; though notably, neither of them are. By now Nabiki is regretting skipping over her mid-morning snack, and turns to DM.] Do you eat?
need to.
[The response comes off as distracted as she looks around.]
[Shrug. Good, more for her. There's a line congregating behind a hot dog stand on the street corner; Nabiki joins it, glancing at Dead Master non-pulsed. Sooo she this is all new to her. Not sheltered weird, other world weird.]

So what are you, anyway?